Astronomy 160

This semester I’m the GSI for Astro 160: Stellar Physics. This is an upper division undergraduate course being taught by Prof. Eliot Quataert.

Here’s the course description:

Stars are the building blocks of galaxies and play a central role in the evolution of structure in the universe, in the nucleosynthesis of most elements, in the formation of compact objects (white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes), and as tools for measuring cosmological distances (e.g., Cepheids and Type 1a SN).  This course will cover the observations and physics of stars. Primary topics will include the structure of self-gravitating objects, energy transport in stars, nuclear fusion in stars, stellar evolution, the birth of compact objects, and stellar oscillations.

Outstanding GSI Award

I was selected as one of the recipients of the 2009-2010 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award in recognition of excellence in teaching in the Physics Department.

Physics 8B

This semester I’m one of the GSIs for Physics 8B: Introductory Physics.  This is an undergraduate course for non-majors being taught by Profs. Mike DeWeese and Catherine Bordel.

Here’s the course description:

Introduction to electricity, magnetism, electromagnetic waves, optics, and modern physics. The course presents concepts and methodologies for understanding physical phenomena, and is particularly useful preparation for upper division study in biology and architecture.